Lil Village Yoga

A playful community where parents and kids can


we’re making kids yoga and mindfulness fun!


Children love to play around, learn new tricks and make new friends. They thrive on community, fun, and adventure! That’s why children and parents alike love Lil Village Yoga. Our community is all about promoting joyful moments, movements and mindfulness.

“We help children to learn just how amazing their minds and bodies are.”

We nurture their mindset through helping them develop vital building blocks of good character; such as their relationship to self. These building blocks will give your sprout the tools they need to be happier, stronger and more capable.

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Join a community of new friends dedicated to growth and adventure.

At Lil Village Yoga, parents and children alike are encouraged to connect, play and learn. We have a range of classes designed to nurture bonds and help you sneak in a workout while your child enjoys the yogic adventure.


Lil Village Yoga

We hope that as our studio and community continues to grow, we can use our influence (and dollars) to make a positive impact in the lives of all children and parents.