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Top 10 Anxiety Reducing Poses for Kids (and Adults)

It doesn’t seem so long ago when children were entertained by long days outside—their imagination spurred by things like beach coves and cloud-gazing. Play is medicine to the mind and body, for adults and kids alike. In today’s hustling, busy world, play and imagination couldn’t be more important to nourishing soul, mind and body. One way of embracing and encouraging play with our kids is through movement.

I love helping parents and children find calm and connection amidst the pressures of our modern-day world, through movement. Today, so many children (and parents) suffer from anxiety. Kids are under pressure to achieve more, do more, and compete more. Somewhere in this mix, kids still just need to be kids!  

The good news, is that yoga is a fantastic anxiety reduction tool that can help kids reclaim their experience of “just being kids.”

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